Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana

Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana

We all remember even the simplest dishes made by our mothers. Always swearing by our maa ke haath ka khana, we fail to figure out what made them so special that the food from the most expensive restaurants can also not match them. Irrespective of the fact how old we are, all of us simply relish the food prepared by her and look forward to ma ke haath ka khana.

It has been many years now that I lost my mother to fate but I still remember the taste of the dishes she made for me. I was just wondering what is the secret that makes them so special; and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of the research I did on the matter. After ransacking through my brain to figure out the special ingredient, I concluded that the secret doesn’t lie in any special ingredients or technique but it’s something else altogether.

It’s the love for her family and kids that is poured in abundance in every dish that she makes. My mother enjoyed sweating it out in the kitchen in the scorching heat of summer while preparing that aam ka panna for us. She never got annoyed when I asked her to prepare her special sooji ka halwa at 1 am in the morning after watching that boring New Year programme on the TV.

Cooking was her passion. Her expression of love for her family. She changed the menu according to our mood and kept on experimenting to invent new dishes that appeal to our taste buds. Today we cook because we have to, not because we want or love to cook.

There is one more factor that adds that magic to the food prepared by our mothers. We have a special bond with our mothers that gets tied when we are not yet born. She nurtures us with her flesh and blood and this is the reason why we love everything that is associated with her. The first question she asks you when she calls you or you get back home is “Beta, Khana Khaya?”. She also builds our taste from birth which assimilates in our taste buds.  We experience it for so many times that we feel an instant connect and recognition with the food that she prepares.

Nothing in this world can beat Maa ke haath ka khaana because the special ingredient that she adds to the food which makes her every dish magical is only available to her ‘bohot sara pyaar’.

I had read following lines somewhere and am dedicating these to every mother in this world:

I had a tongue, but you built the taste.

I had a mouth, but you taught me how to speak.

I had a mind, but you gave the knowledge.

I had a heart, but you filled it with love.


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