Types of Yoga

Types of Yoga

The word “yoga” has created a much hype in the health and fitness word. It is a popular exercise that provides myriads of physical and mental benefits to promote a healthy lifestyle. Building a perfect balance between your body and mind can only be achieved with the help of this practice.

In the modern living, people are so engrossed in fulfilling their dreams that they start overlooking their health whose adverse effects they have to face as they grow old. If you don’t want to regret later, it is recommended to do yoga on a regular basis. You will start witnessing good health results only if you become consistent.

Different Types of Yoga & Their Benefits

There are different types of yoga that exists today which you need to be aware of well. It is imperative to understand the benefits that you will reap from the yoga type that you’re performing. Let’s delve deeper to learn more about them:

  • Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is a renowned asana that people should start with in their beginning phase. This form will consist of exercises related to breathing, relaxation, and meditation. The best part is that it is quite simple to perform if you are doing yoga for the first time.

Hatha Yoga

  1. Builds muscle strength
  2. Promotes better sleep
  3. Fights anxiety and depression
  • Ashtanga Yoga

This is one of the most ancient forms of yoga in the history. It has eight branches and that’s why it has been called Ashtanga yoga. Its sequence of postures is designed to provide calming sensation to the mind, and helps in reducing the body weight.

Aastang Yoga


  1. Increases strength and flexibility
  2. Reduces blood pressure
  3. Improves focus and creativity

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  • Kriya Yoga

This type of yoga is useful in nurturing both the mind and the body. It is a popular meditation technique that helps in attaining inner peace and boosts spiritual growth. Within this kind, there are approximately 70 Kriyas, but people practice only 20 out of them.

Kriya Yoga


  1. Improves energy level
  2. Increases concentration
  3. Promotes health and vitality
  • Vinyasa Yoga

This modern and dynamic form of yoga involves moving from one pose directly into another. Within this meditation form, you can build a perfect balance between mind, body, and breath.

Vinyasa Yoga


  1. Increases flexibility
  2. Treats sleep disorder
  3. Keeps Heart Healthy
  • Jnana Yoga

If you want to get a deeper and clear understanding of your inner-self, then you should definitely try this type of yoga asana. With the help of meditation, you will be able to get the rational answers for the questions that were troubling your mind and body.


  1. Treats stress and depression
  2. Improves problem solving abilities
  3. Good emotional control

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