Baby Shower Games for Boys

One of the most exciting ways to please your guests and make the celebration memorable for a new arrival baby boy is to include some of the wonderful games. Now, when we say wonderful games, it is obvious for you to get confused as there are so many you can include in your list. However, to help you include some of the most outstanding ones, let’s go through the four energizing baby shower games for boys.

1.Baby Animal Names Baby Animal Names

Your guest will just love this guessing game!

What you need?

Pen or pencils and printouts for each guest

How to play?

Create a list of jungle animals with space after them, where your guests can write the names of their young ones. You can include some hard ones such as raccoon (kit), beaver (kitten), etc., to make it more fun.

2.Boy or Girl?

This lively game can actually test your audiences’ celeb baby name IQ because some of the celebs come up with unusual names that make it difficult know whether it’s a girl or a boy.

What you need?

Printout for each guest and pen or pencil

How to play?

Make a list of the unisex baby names that are used by celebrities and leave space after each name so that the guests can decide and write if the child is male or female.

Rubber Ducky Race3.Rubber Ducky Race

If it’s a boy, then why not get a little racy at the celebration?

What you need?

Two baby baths, a few rubber duckies and a ribbon.

How to play?

Fill the tubs with water and give each guest a rubber ducky to race. You can tie a ribbon at the end of each tub. The guests will race their ducks but without using their hands. They can blow on the ducks to keep them moving from one end to the other.

4.Oh boy!

Raising a son is adventurous- make your guest share their story of adventure.

What you need?

Pen and paper

How to play?

Ask each of your guests to share their own funniest, emotional or craziest story while raising his or her boy. Mom without sons can also share their brother’s or husband’s memorable moments from childhood.

As not all shower games will be receptive to your guests, you must select games very carefully. Try to find something that will be enjoyed both by the expectant parents and the guests.

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