Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas

Christmas Cake Decorating Ideas at Home

If you have planned to try your hands in baking a special cake for your family and guests this Christmas, then let us help you to add some more magic to it by offering some Christmas cake decorations. From simple designs that kids will love to make gorgeous cake decorations, get inspired and add the extra depth of flavor to your cake.

Winter woodland cake:

If you are a nature lover and want to represent it in your cake, then create a pretty winter woodland scene to bring to the table. Use a knife and spread the royal icing over the cake and get a rippled effect. Now place Christmas tree shaped chocolates over the cake and sprinkle some edible sugar snowflakes and glitters.

polka dot cake

Polka Dot Cake:

If your little angel just loves polka dots, then why don’t you try the same pattern for this year’s Christmas party? With beautiful polka dots your home made cake will look simply irresistible.

Buttercream Frosting:

buttercream frosting


You can easily turn a simple cake into a super fabulous cake with delectable buttercream icing. Based on your likings, you can even customize the flavour with cocoa, vanilla, or even the tangy lemon juice!



Sweet Little Cupcakes:cup cake

The market is flooded with cupcakes which have become quite a vogue in any kind of celebration at the present time. If you have also baked these cute little surprises for your guests at the Christmas party, then you can decorate them with some exciting frosting dots, sparkling sugar and delicious chocolate cubes.

Gingermen Cake:

This cake decoration idea is simply perfect for young children. Get some royal icing and smooth it on the cake with a spatula. Secure a colorful ribbon round the cake and stick chocolate gingerbread men and candy canes. Now sprinkle the top with edible snowballs.

Cupcakes with Paper Liner:

cup cake with liner


If you have baked some scrumptious frosted cupcakes and wish to make them all the more enjoyable, then go for some attractive paper liner. These cupcake paper liners can be adorned with other edible accessories like candy pearls, ribbons, bows, or even edible jewellery or fabric flowers.



Colourful Fondant Shapes:

flodant cakeGo for some delightful precolored fondant when it comes to making cupcake toppers. Buy cookie cutters from the market and use them or a knife for creating wonderful shapes after rolling them into thin sheets on parchment paper. Once this is done, you should then seal the leftovers tightly in plastic wrap, to avoid drying of the fondant due to air exposure.

Do you have a cake pedestal?

Well, it goes without saying that a cute and pretty cake stand or pedestal can add more charm to your beautifully decorated cake. As a matter of fact, a stand also helps you to decorate or embellish your cake with utmost ease and comfort.