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Most Popular Baby Names

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Popular baby names often include long time favorites with some new comers added for surprises. Every parent wants modern Indian baby names 2021 for their child that has a perfect meaning and reflects the personality of the baby. The whole idea is to find out a name that is auspicious to your child.

If you are looking for remarkable and fascinating Indian baby names for boys or Indian baby girl names 2021, then Mothers Zone brings to you a list of baby names with meaning that are unique, beautiful yet modern. Our list consists of latest indian baby girl names 2021, names of famous personalities, those that are easy to pronounce, are based on religion and many more.

So, read on to find more about popular baby names 2021 and choose the one that suits your baby’s personality.

Most Popular & Trendy Baby Boy and Baby Girl Names
Boy's Name Gender Meaning Girl'sName Gender Meaning
Arsh M Dominion/Crown Aarika F Admired for looks
Aagney M Born of fire Aarvi F Peace
Aakansh M Desire Aashika F Lovable
Aashray M Shelter Abhaya F Fearless
Aavesh M Possessed Adhira F Lightning
Abhik M Beloved Adrija F Mountain born
Agrim M Advance Adrika F Celestial
Ahaan M Morning glory or first ray of life Advika F Unique
Akshan M Eyes Adya F First/Unparalleled
Arhaan M Ruler Aileen F Light
Avichal M Unmovable Anahita F Graceful
Avirat M Continuous Anamitra F The sun
Ayaan M Someone who is religiously inclined Anavi F Kind to people
Ayog M Auspicious time Anchita F Honoured
Charvik M Intelligent Anudita F Not risen
Daksh M Capable/ Precious son Anvita F Understood
Darpan M A Mirror Anwesha F Quest
Darshan M To see Apeksha F Expected
Darshit M Seen Archita F One who is worshipped
Devank M Godly Asvika F A Little Mare
Divit M Immortal Avisha F Gift from God
Ehsaas M Feeling Bhavika F Cheerful expression
Elesh M King Chahana F Desire
Harshul M deer Chaitali F Born in the month of Chaitra
Havish M Lord Shiva Charvi F A beautiful woman
Hemish M Lord of the earth Dakshina F A donation to god or priest
Idhant M Luminous Darshini F The one who blesses
Ikshit M Desired Debanshi F Deva ansh
Inaksh M Flower Dhriti F Patience
Iraj M Lord Humayun Dhruvita F Firmly fixed
Jean M God of merciful Dhwani F Sound
Jigar M Heart or Courage Enakshi F Dear-eyed
Kanishk M An Ancient King Eshanika F Fulfilling desire
Kaustubh M Immortal Eshika F An arrow/dart
Kautik M Joy Gaurika F A young girl
Kinshuk M A Flower Hanika F Graceful Woman
Lovish M Famous battle Harshini F Happy
Manik M kind of stone Ruby Ihitha F Desired
Milap M Union Inayat F Kindness
Milit M Comradeship Ishika F Paint Brush
Moulik M Valuable Jenya F True
Namish M Lord Vishnu Kyra F Light
Namit M Bowed down Mayra F Beloved
Nilay M Home/Mansion Mihika F Mist/snow
Nivin M Sacred Mithi F Truthful
Paarthiv M Earthly Monisha F Lord Krishna
Praneet M Calmness Mrinal F Lotus
Reyansh M Part of Lord Vishnu Mudrika F Ring
Rishit M The Best Mukti F Liberation
Saatvik M Pious Nilasha F Blueness
Saharsh M With Joy Nimisha F Twinkling of an eye
Sresht M Best of all Parnika F A Small leaf/parvati
Tanay M Son Sanchita F Collection
Tarus M Light Sayuri F Flower
Vaidik M The one who is enlightening shiny F Bright
Vibhav M Light Shivanshi F A part of Shiv
Vihag M Moon/Bird Varshini F Goddess of rain
Vyom M Sky Vindhya F Knowledge
Yashmit M Famed Vrishti F Rain
Yogya M Perfect Yuktha F Absorbed/Attentive


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