Rhymes For Kids

Rhymes are great fun ways to entertain a little child and experts say that they have great impact on the child’s understanding of phonics and linguistic development.

Collection of Nursery Rhymes for Kids :

The short format and repetitive lines help children to become familiar with specific sounds and help them identify similarities between various words. Kids who are familiar with funny rhymes for kids or simple rhymes are much more advanced in reading abilities and spellings.

Rhymes For Kids

While growing up, we all had our favorite nursery rhymes for kids and we would continuously sing and even enact whenever a guest was at home. You may be telling the same old English rhyme“twinkle twinkle little star”, “Baa Baa Black Sheep to your kids and even today they hold a special charm. Simple, catchy and memorable rhymes are great child-friendly ways to introduce babies and toddlers to the imaginative potential and wonder of narratives. Since rhyming words have sounds in common, children become sensitive to the words and are well equipped to develop reading.

Popular rhymes for kids make the child aware of the words and the sounds and prepare them to learn similar words having spelling sequences in common. Most of The Hindi poems represent kings and queens, fairies and elves, animals and etc., which easily carries the little child to the wonder land that they often think of. Today, there are visual stimulations of rhymes that help the child to understand the meaning of it easily. They can relate between pictures, words and music.

To enhance your child’s linguistic abilities and help them build confidence, Mothers Zone has come up with a great collection of Hindi rhymes for kids such as “Ek Kauwa Pyasa Tha“, “Machhali Jal ki Rani Hai“, as well as some popular rhymes for kids. Our fantastic collection will help to improve your kid’s cognitive skills, reading skills as well as auditory skills.

So, choose the best Rhymes for your kid and help him or her to find a great way to get engaged with language!