Bathing A Baby

Bathing a newborn baby for the first time may be a little difficult. Newborn babies need to be handled very carefully. As newly born babies are very delicate; you may find it a little scary the first few times.

Handling and bathing babies takes practice. With the right supplies and a bit of practice, both of you will start to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. This is also one of the perfect times to bond with your newly born.

baby bath tips

Doctors now days say that there is no basis in the theory that babies should not be bathed till the umbilical cord has fallen off and the navel is completely healed. If the navel stump is there, just dry it after giving the bath and then dab some spirit or alcohol over it with clean cotton.

Bath time:

There is no need to bathe the baby daily in cold weather or winters. Twice a week should be enough to keep your baby clean. Instead you can give a sponge bath with warm water and soft towel (if not to the whole body, then at least the diaper area should be cleaned daily with soap and water). There is no need to clean the nose, ears, mouth, eyes and tongue of the baby.

Baby Bath Tips:

Bathing a newborn for the first time is a special event and at the same time it can be a little daunting too. Your baby might not like it much, but a good bath can relax him and give you a chance to bond and play. Mothers Zone is here to share with you newborn baby bathing tips so that you can both feel comfortable during bath time. Follow our simple step by step guide to learn the basics or baby bath tips and keep them in mind to make tub time safe and happy.

How to bathe your baby:

Before you bathe your baby, assemble everything and make sure everything you need is at hand: a baby bath tub/basin, baby soap, soft towels, some cotton wool, a set of clean clothes, a clean nappy and water that is approximately the same temperature as your body. Any standard baby soap and shampoo can be used.

bath tub

Make sure all the windows are closed. Exposing your babies may cause them to catch a chill; so it is very important to ensure that the room is warm.

You can do the bathing sitting on the floor or standing (by keeping the bathtub at her waist level on some platform). Start by undressing your baby. One hand should always be supporting the child (the head of the baby should be supported on your forearm or wrist and the fingers of that hand should hold the baby securely around her armpit) while the other can be used for applying soap, shampoo and then rinsing with water. With the other hand, wash the scalp. Gently rub some mild soap over the body and limbs. Then turn your little one over and soap her back.



One most important thing to remember is that the baby becomes slippery and liable to slip out of your grasp with soap on the body. This is the reason why a bathtub is recommended to wash babies. Bathing the baby on the floor or bathing the baby without a bathtub makes the baby prone to injury due to accidental slipping.

baby after bath

To give a bath in the bathtub, hold your baby firmly around the top of the arm, giving support to the shoulders. Support the bottom with the other hand and lower your baby gently into the bathtub. Continue to support the baby’s shoulder. Now rinse off all the soap by gently splashing water. Lift your baby out of the tub, wrap in a towel and dry with another towel, paying attention to skin creases and folds. Use a soft towel for drying. Drying should be done by patting rather than rubbing.

Apply some baby cream, oil or lotion (if you use) and put on a fresh nappy and clothes.