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Celebrate Donald Duck Day With Your Kids

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy– it’s Donald Duck Day!

Donald Duck, one of the most popular squeaky characters of all the time, made his world debut on June 9, 1934 in ‘The Wise Little Hen’ cartoon. This release day has been officially recognized as his birthday and is celebrated as, ‘Donald Duck Day.’

Donald Duck

Donald Duck

He is one of the most popular and unflappable of the Disney characters with a yellow orange bill, legs and feet. This day is celebrated in honour of his cartoon debut and is enjoyed by almost everyone irrespective of the age factor. Regardless of how old or young you are this most beloved duck has been entertaining both young and old alike for decades.

How to celebrate this fun day?

This day is the best time to celebrate together with your family and friends. Here are some ways to add spice to this already exciting and fun day:

  • Go out to the Disneyland with your family and friends to spend some exciting time with this playful famous character and click photos with him.
  • Buy his costume and walk around, wishing everyone a ‘Happy Donald Duck Day!’
  • Travel to Walt Disney World or the Family Museum to relive your childhood memories of this character.
  • Send free duck day greeting cards to all your friends and family with a note of fun and excitement.
  • Get free online colouring pages for your kids and organise a competition with exciting prizes, to make the day more electrifying.
  • Play some fun online Donald games or puzzles and try to put back together like it belongs.
  • Cook some delicious recipes loved by him to make his day more memorable.
  • Celebrate by watching any number of his popular movies such as, ‘The Dirty Dozen,’ ‘The Blue Brothers,’ etc.
    Donald Duck

    Donald Duck ( Image Source: Fanpop)

On the big day of this lively and positive personality, don’t forget to watch his debut. You can also practise his voice to have a quacking day!


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