Celebrating Mother’s Day: Creative and Fun-Filled Ways to Show Your Love

Mother’s Day is almost round the corner and it is time to start planning for the celebration. Mothers are always special and hold a special place in everyone’s heart. It is for her intense love, sacrifice and patience that she deserves all the attention on this day and we too get an opportunity to express our thanks to her for holding our hands in every walk of life.  So this Mother’s Day, why not celebrate it with unique little surprises that are sweet gestures?


Mother’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm by people all over the globe. This is so because the difference between them does not exist and so are the feelings of their children. Since this special day is observed as a holiday in many countries just to take the opportunity to share some wonderful time and have fun together, it is best to start planning earlier and make it memorable for your mother. Giving a gift to her is a common trend, but if you are willing to make the Mother’s Day celebration a journey in itself, then look for something that she is going to cherish for a long time.

Interesting and Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day:

  • Arrange for a surprise party: Your mother has been busy all the time taking care of you and the family. She might have lost all her contacts with her childhood friends who used to be very precious to her. So, take the initiative to gather information about her childhood friends much in advance and try to get in touch with them. Organize a surprise party that includes all the people very special to her. And if anyhow the surprise slips just a few days before the party, don’t be upset as your mother would still be very happy with all your efforts. At the end of the day, dedicate this event to your mother and make her feel very special.
  • Plan for a mother-daughter date: Today, life is so busy that we hardly find any time to focus on our special relationships. This may be because we live in different cities or we are too much involved in our own life and activities that we are left with very little time for our close ones. Though phone calls and even quick visits are always helpful, arranging a mother-daughter date on this special day will help you to spend some quality time together and strengthen your relationship. So use this mother’s day idea to make the day memorable. The opportunities are endless. Take her out for a movie, reserve a dinner table, go for some shopping and make the day meaningful.
  • Simple celebration: This Mother’s Day idea for kids is a simple means to celebrate the day that is not complicated or even expensive. As a kid you can help your mother in cleaning the house and making the food. You can save some of your pocket money and head to your favorite ice-cream parlor to buy her something that she simply loves. Since the day is all about honoring her, going an extra mile to help her or a simple token of love to show you are grateful will make the day memorable.
  • A hobby class: Mother’s Day can be a great opportunity to give her something that she always wanted to do. Try to find out her hobbies when she was a child and if she has a longing to learn something, which could not be satisfied due to certain reasons. In case she loves to cook, read books or learn anything special, then make arrangements for her classes or register her name in the nearby library so that she has some time for herself.

Finally, your Mother’s Day should include lots of kisses, hugs, laughter and spending some quality time together. If in any case you are unable to be physically present on that day, then try making some handmade gifts for her that will reflect your love and gratitude.