Educating School Going Children About Good Touch And Bad Touch

Good Touch And Bad TouchDid you know – Out of every two children in India, one faces some sort of child sexual abuse at some point of his or her life!

Shocking enough, right?

Everyday we read and hear several news about children going through some form of physical abuse in one part of the country or another. Getting shocked and being worried about the safety of your children is not the only outcome. You also need to teach them about the basic safety rules that can help them protect themselves, no matter how young they are.

Listed below are the child safety rules every kid must be aware of!

Safety rules a child must remember and follow

  • Touching someone else’s private body parts is not morally right.
  • Likewise, if a person touches his or her own private body parts in front of the child, then also it is morally incorrect and not at all acceptable.
  • Asking a child to touch his or her private body parts is not okay.
  • Except the doctor, that too in front of the parents, nobody else should ask a child to remove their clothes.
  • It is not okay if someone shows a child photos or videos of such people who are not wearing clothes.

What is a Good Touch?

When the touch feels good and the child doesn’t feel uncomfortable to be hugged and kissed by the people they love, it is called a good touch.

An example of good touch includes:

  • When the kid’s father gives them a goodbye hug and kiss before leaving for the office.
  • When the kid’s mother hugs them and kisses them.
  • When the kid’s grandparents hugs and kisses them.
  • When the doctor touches the kid in front of the parents, to ascertain the well being of the child.

What is a Bad Touch?

A touch which makes the kid feel uncomfortable is usually known as a bad touch.

  • If someone touches the child’s private body parts, then it is a bad touch.
  • If a person forces the child to touch him or her, then it is a bad touch.
  • A bad touch is the one that hurts the child in some way.
  • If a touch makes the child feel startled and worried, then also it is a bad touch.
  • A bad touch is the one that a person does and then warns the child to not to tell anyone about it.
  • It is a bad touch if a person threatens to hurt the child if they tell about it to anyone.

What to do if a child experiences bad touch?

Say No

  • Simply say ‘No’ in a bold and assertive voice! Let the person know that you do not like what they did and you do not want to be touched by them at all.
  • Shout and scream out loud for help.
  • If possible, then you should run away from the person whose is touching you badly.
  • Also, it is important to ensure that you never stay alone with that person again.
  • It is important to understand that you did not do anything wrong and you are right. It is the other person who has done wrong by touching you badly.

Keeping secrets that make you feel uncomfortable is not the right way to handle things when someone touches you badly. If someone touches you and scares you, talk about this with someone you have faith on. You can talk about it and share your feelings with your mother, father, sibling or your teacher as well.