Educative Apps That Can Make Learning Easy For Kids

You may be constantly asking your kids to put down the iPad and sit for some studies. Today, most parents are worried about their child’s addiction to ipads and may face difficulties in getting them out of it. But have you ever thought to use the iPad to develop the intelligence of your child?

ipad educative apps

There is no denial of the fact that electronic gadgets have become an essential part of our life as well as our children’s lives. So it is better to use these gadgets to educate your kids as they are more interested in interactive modes of learning. Here in this piece of writing, we will discuss some great educational apps that can enhance the horizon of your child’s thinking and help them to use this gadget for something productive.

LetterSchool: This application helps to enhance the motor skills, reading and basic mathematics of a child. The eye catchy visuals help to impart lessons and it consists of four games: Intro, Tap, Trace and Write. It assists your child to recognize the letter’s sound, shape and name and teaches him to write the letter by tracing it. With this app, you child will be able to learn the magic of numbers and letters.

Word Wizard: This is a spelling game for slightly older kids where they use Scrabble to spell the words. One great feature of this app is that you can also add your own words to test your kids and even track how they did it. When the words are spelt correctly, interactive animations appear as rewards on the screen.

Tense builder: This app features thirty six verbs and offers separate lessons on past, present and future tense. Accompanied with various images and videos, it is interactive and great fun for kids. It helps to develop both expressive and receptive skills. The completed work can also be saved and even emailed for future reference.


Meteor Math: This application is an explosive maths challenge where the kids have to find two numbers and make the answer. The game becomes faster as the levels are completed and it becomes exciting and challenging. It is a great way to develop mental maths.

Painting Gallery: It offers coloring book pictures, blank canvas and varied background for young kids. They can use their own 30 colors and about 100 stickers. The work can be saved for future.


If you are looking for some fun ways to teach your kids, then choose the right educative application that your child will enjoy. There are various apps related to reading, writing, vocabulary and mathematics. So, use these mobile apps for kids to educate them in a unique manner.