Few Things That Every Mom Wishes They Knew

Giving birth to a baby is the most wonderful experience of a woman’s life. No matter how many different parenting books you have read or how many babies you have watched grow up, becoming a mom for the first time can bring countless terrific aspects of raising a baby and harsher realities before you. Nobody has a scientifically tested parenting system that guarantees your child will turn out okay. A mother always has to struggle to raise a healthy child and making some mistakes often makes the parenting job frightening. In this piece of writing let us discuss few frank things that every mom should know.


Sleep and do nothing, it’s OK: The first few months after your baby is born, you will find very less time to sleep. The baby will be up every 2-4 hours and keep you on your toes most of the time. So sleep when your baby sleeps and leave the housework alone. Enjoy resting and you will be back with energy a lot faster.

Both of you will shed tears: No matter how perfect you are, your baby will cry. Sometimes they will cry really hard and will not stop. This will make you cry from exhaustion, rioting emotions or frustration. But remind yourself that the crying will stop and one day you will shed many more tears of joy for them.

Your old life is gone: Bringing home a newborn will change many things, your identity, your daily schedule and etc. You will probably lose sight of who you were before becoming a parent, but try to accept yourself as a new person and enjoy your new life.

Your body is still changing: You may expect stretch marks in your abdomen, but you may not expect some skin tags that can appear on your neck, thighs and chest. You will also lose hair due to changes in hormone levels and increased oil production. This is absolutely normal and you don’t have to worry about your looks as every mom has to undergo this stage.

Guilt: You are a human being and after tiring days and months, you too will need a break and that is okay. You may feel guilty of spending much time in the bathroom away from your baby or for going out for a movie. Remember that you can’t always be a super mom and your baby should get used to the idea that you may be away for sdownload (2)ome time, but you will always be back.

Every baby is different: Advice is okay from relatives, parents and neighbors. But remember that every baby is different and so is their growing process. Do not try to follow milestones and get worried if they are not attained. Your baby is fine until the doctors suggest you anything serious. So enjoy parenting rather than becoming tensed about it.