Hair Rebonding: What You Should Know Before Planning for a Treatment

Beautiful hair is something that every women’s desire. Whether you have long or short hair, maintaining the health of it is very important as it enhances your look and beauty. Today, young girls always want a new look and according to the changes in fashion,they too change their look to appear smarter and beautiful. With numerous hairstyles ideas and experts giving advices on makeup how-tos, women are doing everything to appear impressive.

Hair Rebonding

Straight hair is in and rebonding can make your dream come true of having straight and silky mane. Today, in this article we will discuss about hair rebonding and how it can be used to break the natural bonds in the mane.

What is Hair Rebonding?

Rebonding is a process where a chemical treatment is done to make the mane straight, shiny and sleek. It is similar to straightening your hair, but the process is different as chemicals are used to break the natural bonds of the cells and then rearranged to get a straight look. It is a permanent and costly procedure and the price for the treatment can usually vary across salons and the products they use for your mane.

The Hair Rebonding process:

Hair Rebonding Process

  • At the very beginning, the hair is washed with a good shampoo and the shampoo uses is usually very mild and conditioner is avoided.
  • It is then left to dry naturally or it is dried by using a dried with medium setting.
  • The actual process of rebonding starts now. The hair is parted and then divided into sectons and the section depends on the volume and thickness.
  • Conditioner or relaxant is applied to each section separately to keep it straight and soft. The cream is left on the mane for some time based on the type.
  • Then an electrical styling device having two metal plates is heated up and the hair is pulled in between the plates that straighten it.
  • After the desired look is attained, it is again parted to apply a neutralizer that helps to set the bonds and stabilize. It is kept for at least 30 minutes and then rinsed off with cold water and blow dried.
  • A serum is then applied to give a silky and shiny look.

Some Hair Rebonding side effects :

Rebonding makes your mane fragile and weak and it requires great care after the treatment is done. The heat used to straighten can also damage the scalp and skin and in many cases they can also get burnt. The chemicals also have a harmful effect and you may experience loss of hair due to the toxic chemicals used to rebond. If you are unable to take proper care and follow the instructions suggested by your stylist then it can turn to be a great disaster and you might end up in a very miserable state.

Hair care after Rebonding treatment:


Once you have undergone the rebonding treatment, it is time to take regular Hair care to prevent any loss and damage. You should strictly follow the instructions suggested by your stylist and make sure to take precaution while tying and tucking your hair.

  • Use a special shampoo that is used for straight hair
  • Properly condition after each head wash
  • Apply hot oil and massage your scalp regularly
  • Steam your hair once in every 15 days
  • Eat healthy and have a balanced lifestyle

So, if you are planning to go for a rebonding then it is very important to understand the side effects and the precautions that you should take to maintain healthy hair.


Hair Rebonding helps you to attain a straight look which is in fashion nowadays. But before you plan to undergo the treatment, know more about the process and the care needed after the process is completed.