How to Get Started With Your Kid’s Hobby Interests: Tips and Techniques

How to Get Started With Your Kid’s Hobby Interests: Tips and Techniques

The other day, I met a lady in the park where she was talking about how her 3 year old daughter gave a dance performance on the stageand that she was so impressed by her dance even in the presence of older kids. I could feel the pride in her voiceand so I interferedand told her that perhaps she should put her in some nearby dance class to nurture her talent. But she was a bit reluctant since she thought that the activity would interfere with her studies when she grew up.

I made her understand that it is in fact a good idea to take a break from the studiesand children who develop hobbies often do better in academicsand also have a better well rounded personality. Kids who develop a hobby often enjoy a right break between packed daily schedules. I remember going to the singing class when I was a little kid. Twice a week for two hours in the evening, it was so refreshingand an excellent means to relaxand rest.

Parents have no idea about the child’s interestsand talents when he or she is born. But it is very important for parents to help the little kids explore various hobby activities to check what they likeand what they don’t, when they are preschoolers or toddlers. Help them to explore activities that you think can be fun. Activities like art, music, swimming, dancing, sports, etc. may pique their fancy. And as they grow older, their interests will become more obviousand clear to you.

Here, I will share with you some basic tips that can help you to develop hobbies in kids or even hone the hobbies that they are already pursuing.

Understand your child’s interestand liking: It is very important to observe your child during his free timeand what he loves to do to pass the time. If you find that your son loves to draw shapesand color, then give him some color pencilsand encourage him to draw. The main thing is to discover the hidden talent in your childand nurture it. This will help to find some ways to expand the interest through hobbies.

Find opportunities to expose them to various activities: Initially, try a different hobby for your child every few days to find what interests him the most. You can help him to join a dance class or a swimming classand probably get him a drawing bookand ask him to color it. This will help you to understand whether he is happy sittingand watching or is he participating actively in it. Sometimes kids love to follow their parentsand so share your hobbies with them like gardening or cooking, which he can join even some time later.

Encouragement is always good: As parents, it is very important to encourage your childand help him to move forward with the activity that he loves to do. In case your kid loves to collect coins, then you can encourage him to find some coins or different currencies of different countries. In the initial years they will need your help to build up the hobby, but after a few years you will be surprised to see how they can easily manage on their own. So, boost their confidence by appreciating their work whenever necessary.

Allot some time for hobby every week:  Allocating some fixed time every week for at least an hour or two will definitely help your child to work on his interest. This will not only offer a break from the daily schedule, but will also refresh the mind. Indoor hobbies like reading or cooking can be taken up on a regular basis, but for outdoor hobbies like swimming, dancingand etc. you have to fix a time so that he can join the classes.

Learn about the activity yourself:  Understanding your child’s interest is very importantand be aware of the fact that it is equally important to gain some knowledge about your child’s activities. Devote some timeand learn more about the activity as this will help you to guide your child in the right direction. A now-a-days lot of information is available on the net. All you have to do is to read themand understandand help your child take an active role in it.

While trying to develop your child’s hobby interest, your active participation is needed. Doing things along with them will generate more interest in what they are doingand your kids will also have a sense of security when they have their momand dad beside them. So, let your child take up any activity that he lovesand give him time to learn what he actually likes.