Christmas festival in India is one of those festivals that are filled with cheer and fun. Whether you are celebrating it at home with your family members or arranging a big party for friends and relatives, your day is sure to be filled with happiness with a little help from us. Gather more information about Christmas festival and read some steps on how to make Christmas celebration memorable. Merry Christmas!


The History of Christmas Festival

Jesus Christ was believed to be a God who was born as a human being. The story refers to the first book in “the Bible” where Adam and Eve committed their first sin. The result of this sin was death and it was told by God that a savior would come to save mankind from the sin.

The birth of Jesus was an important event in the Christian mythology and is the only festival of the Christians. Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph near a village called Bethlehem. The universal dating system was based on this event with B.C meaning Before Christ and A.D meaning Anno Domini meaning the “Year of Our Lord”. But today this system has been replaced by C.E (Common Era) and B.C.E (Before Common Era).You can also know about the The Legend of Christmas Stocking.

Why we celebrate Christmas day?

Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who is believed to be the Son of God in Christianity. The name “Christmas” comes from the old English term “Cristes Maesse”, or the Mass of Christ. A Mass service, which is also known as Communion or Eucharist, is a service where Christians reminisce that Jesus gave the sacrifice of his life for them and then came back to the world. As the service was allowed to take place after sunset, and before the sun rises the next day, so people had the service at Midnight. This is why Christmas is celebrated, which is actually a short form of Christ-Mass!

The Celebration and Merriment:

If you are interested to gather information about Christmas festival then continue reading. It is the season when people spend quality time with their family members and friends and buy new clothes and gifts for their loved ones with great affection. Christmas celebration in India starts the evening before Christmas when people keep awake till 12 at night to wish each other “Merry Christmas”.

People get ready for the grand celebration and they decorate the house with a Christmas tree, bells, flowers, lights and prepare various recipes to share with their family and friends. The churches are whitewashed and decorated. Delicious cakes, cookies and drinks are prepared to greet the guests during this special occasion.

The Holy Prayers:

For the entire week before Christmas, the church, school choirs start practicing carols that are sung in praise of the Lord. The churches arrange for special midnight mass that are attended by the people of the community.

Men and women dress up in new clothes and attend the prayer sessions that is not only a sacred ceremony, but also an important social event. People sing the carols for a couple of hours and fondly remember Lord Jesus Christ, who gave up his life for the common people.