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Who Is The Murderer?

Famous actress Arunima was found dead in her hotel room on the New Year’s day i.e. the 1st of January.

She had come to the city to attend a meeting related to her new film. The preliminary investigation revealed that it was a case of murder. The initial investigation also suggested that the murderer was a left hander who had stabbed the actress with a knife.

The news of her cruel murder spread chaos in the city. On 10th January 2014, CID chief ACP Pradyumna, had arrested 4 notorious criminals in this connection. They were Ramesh, Mohan, Rupesh and Sunder. All the four were declared criminals, left handers and had undergone imprisonment for several hardcore crimes. They all were known for their cruelty but had never admitted their crimes.

ACP Pradyumna had his own method of investigation. He started interrogating each suspect separately after the first round of interrogation.

The statements received by him are as follows:

Ramesh: I did not murder Arunima. Mohan and Sunder are close friends. I do not know who committed the crime.

Mohan: I have not killed her. I know her well. I do not know Sunder.

Rupesh: I have not murdered her. Mohan had told me that he had lived with Ramesh for four days from 31st December. This crime is committed by Ramesh.

Sunder: I have not committed the crime. Ramesh, Mohan and I had been living together from 31st December 2013 to 3rd January 2014 and had not separated for a moment. Mohan has not committed this crime.

ACP Pradyumna came to the conclusion that the murderer was one of these suspects. Each one had stated only one sentence wrong or false while giving their statements. After analysing all the statements, he arrested the actual criminal.

Could you guess who Arunima’s murderer was and why do you think so?

Scroll down for the answer:












Sunder is the murderer.

Reason: If we take Ramesh as the killer, two sentences, first and the third of his statements prove to be false. It is to be noted that each suspect has stated only one sentence wrong. This puts an end to Ramesh being the culprit.

Similarly if we take Rupesh as the culprit, two of his sentences, 1st and 3rd prove to be false. So he is not the murderer either.

If we consider Mohan as the killer, his first sentence becomes false. It cannot be decided whether his second and third sentences are correct or wrong. But if we take Mohan as the killer, Sunder’s third sentence proves to be incorrect. Under these circumstances, Sunder’s remaining two sentences should be considered as correct. His second sentence establishes his friendship with Mohan which in turn proves incorrect Mohan’s third sentence “I do not know Sunder”. This makes two of his sentences incorrect and proves that he is not the killer.

When we consider Sunder as the killer, we see that each suspect has given only one incorrect statement. This proves that Sunder has murdered Arunima.