Is There Any Hill that Changes its Colour?

Out of the very many hills in the world, there is at least one hill that changes its colour on daily basis and in every season. The Ayers Rock is such a hill, which is also the largest solitary stone in the world. It lies 440 km south west of Alice Springs in Australia. The Rock is 338 meter high and 10 km wide at its base. This oval shaped hill measures about 7 km in length and 2.4 km in width. The rock has some stunning caves at the bottom that have various paintings and carvings which are said to be made by the primitive men.

Hill color

Founded by an English traveller, W.G. Gosse, in 1873, this hill is truly magnificent. During the discovery of this rock, Henry Ayers was the prime minister of South Australia. Thus, this rock was named after him as the Ayers Rock.

Generally this hill is red in colour. However, it has been observed that remarkable changes in its colour occur at the time of sunrise as well as during sunset. In the morning, when sunrays fall on it, the hill seems to have violet and deep red flames leaping out of it. Similarly, violet shadow can be seen on it when the sun sets in the evening. From morning till evening this hill changes colour, from yellow to orange, from red and to violet or even to black.


The changes in the colour of the hill is not a magical or supernatural act, it is because of the structure of the rock which changes colours according to the change in the weather and the angle of the Sun. The hill is made up of sandstone and is also called conglomerate which means a rock made of small stones. During sunrise and sunset the sunrays are more in orange and red colour, as the rest of the colours are scattered most by the dust particles present in the atmosphere. This is the reason why during the morning and evening this hill appears to be orange or red. In noon, other colours are also present in the sun rays and this is the reason why the hill changes its colour consequently.


The Australian government has established the Mount Olga National Park around the hill. Thousands of tourists visit the place to see this amazing rock and also to see various animals like the kangaroos, bandicoots, wallabies, and the rest.