Look Out For Activities to Keep Your Kids Amused While Travelling

Travelling for a vacation with your kids can be at times like taking a herd of wild animals on holiday. Whether they are your own kids or you are travelling with a big group of families and their kids, understanding a child’s needs during travel time is an important factor that should not be neglected. During holiday time, many parents often fear of their tantrum prone toddlers as the journey can be an absolute nightmare and some of the worst experiences. So, if you are planning for a trip with your kids, then here are some essential tips to keep your kids amused that can make the journey time fly while maintaining your sanity.

family holiday vacation

Plan your journey: Whether you are travelling by flight or by a car or train, it is very important to keep your kids entertained and occupied throughout the journey. If it is a long journey, then plan it in half an hour slot. Plan for the entertainment hours, food or snack hours and also help them to manage the sleeping time.

Family games: Games are the best means to effectively pass the time with little kids. Ludo or Business games are perfect for long rides. You can also play the game “I Spy” where you can ask the child to find items that start with a certain letter. This will keep them occupied for a long period of time.

Purchase a DVD player or a tablet:  This is a very common thing and most parents willingly invest in some sort of video to keep the kids busy. A DVD played can be bulky and also requires a set of DVDs to go with them. Tablets are easier to carry though they may have limited space for videos. You can easily download some cartoon movies and play them while travelling with your kids.


Download kid’s friendly mobile apps: nowadays kids are very apt at using mobile phones and they can easily play games on them. So if you are planning for a journey with your kids then it is time for you to know about the latest kid’s phone games that are geared towards children. Road rash or interactive games like Toca Boca’s Helicopter Taxi can keep your little ones occupied for hours during travelling.

Present your child with small gifts:  This is really an interesting tip to keep your kids engaged while travelling. You can wrap up small toys and present your child as a reward for being good during the journey period. These little gifts need not be very expensive. Small soft toys or small cars are great gift ideas. Though they may start playing with them right there, still such nice little surprises are always welcomed by kids. You can also pack up snack items as gifts for them.

Stickers: Stickers are great means to keep your kids engaged for a while. You can just give them an empty water bottle or a sheet of paper to decorate. Remember that you may end up unpeeling stickers from the back of the seat and from various parts of their body, but giving them some stickers to play is really worth as it will keep them engaged in the activity for an hour.


Travelling with your kids can be great fun if you have plans to keep them entertained during the journey. So, to make your vacation perfect, look for tips to keep your kids engaged all throughout the journey.