Quick and Healthy Breakfast

quick and healthy breakfast

“Never work before breakfast. If you have to work before breakfast, get your breakfast first.”

Josh Billings, said it right when he said it about the importance of breakfast!

Owing to the very many priorities that life has given to every single individual out there, we often tend to skip our breakfast, giving up to the morning rush.

But, is it good for us? What can we do when there is no time for slowing down and cooking up a nutritious meal during the early hours of the day?

Well, to help you have a healthy breakfast every morning, without compromising on your ‘other important work’ for the day, Mother’s Zone brings to you quick breakfast recipes that can help you prepare a wholesome breakfast meal in an easy and simple way!

So, why to wait?Just read on and find out how can you give your day a hearty and healthy jump start!

15 Minutes Wonders:

When it comes to a 15 minutes recipe to be followed for the breakfast, the options are endless. From Bread Upma, Paneer & Vegetable Salad, to Fruit Smoothie and much more – you have got a lot many alternatives to enjoy a healthy breakfast without having to limit chowing down on your favourite food.

As a matter of fact, these nutritious morning meals can be eaten while driving, walking, or even when you are rushing out of the door and heading towards your office!

What nicer thing can you do for somebody than make them breakfast?

The above quote from Anthony Bourdain truly is an epic one! Just think of it – the moment you see your children, spouse and other family members enjoying a healthy meal during breakfast – you feel truly elated and satisfied with the thought that you have given their days a great start!

So, why don’t you try these simple cooking recipes and save your time in the morning, while making your time in the kitchen an absolutely delightful one!

Get the Power:

We must not forget that if we want to live a powerful life and want the same for our family, then we must energize our body in the morning by splurging on a healthy breakfast.

Thus, no matter whether you are in search of healthy breakfast recipes for kids or for your entire family, follow our quick recipes given by us and ensure that no body stays hungry by skipping their breakfast.

After all, John Gunther rightly said that “All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.”

So, give your family such a breakfast every day with these quick, healthy and simple breakfast recipes, and stay happy!