Rabdi is a traditional North Indian sweet recipe made from milk. Its rich, creamy texture and nutty flavors make it a perfect dessert that can win every heart. The preparation is easy but involves time as it needs to reduce the milk to a thick mixture. So, let your kids indulge in this creamy delicacy and enjoy the goodness of milk.


1. Do not stir the milk continuously as you will not get the creamy layer on top, which is needed to prepare a rabri.
2. Don’t not use a thin based pan as milk will stick to the bottom and get burnt thereby spoiling the taste.

If you have tried this Rabri recipe at home, then you must have noticed how this rich, creamy and smooth delicacy has successfully won the hearts of many. To make them pleased and satisfied again and again, do try this unique recipe Kheer Kamala that is even more enjoyable for its appealing orange flavor.

Preparation method