A popular Indian sweet dish made of thick yogurt, a dash of cardamom, saffron and rose essence, Shrikhand is one of the main food items in any Gujarati and/or Maharashtrian platter. This delicacy is very easy to prepare at home. Mother’s Zone shares with you a simple recipe of this dish that can help you make it without any difficulty.

How to make hung yoghurt:

1. Take the curd in a cheese cloth or muslin.
2. Tie the cloth and hang the curd for 3-4 hours in a refrigerator to drain.
3. The whey will drip, so keep a bowl or pan below to collect the whey.
4. Press the yogurt firmly with a spoon to release any excess liquid. The remaining yogurt should be thick.
5. Transfer the yogurt to a clean bowl.

Preparation method