Assam, the beautiful land of hills and valleys and the mighty river Brahmaputra lies in the northeastern corner of India. The breath taking scenic beauty of the lofty green hills, sanctuaries and stretches of green paddy fields attracts tourists from all over the world. With many different tribes forming the population, it gives a glimpse of various lifestyles. Some major culture and traditions of Assam include Bihu, Ambubashi festival, Baishagu, Majuli to name a few.

Rongali bihu or Bohag bihu is celebrated in the month of April and it denotes the traditional Assamese New Year and also represents the starting of the fresh harvest season and the advent of the seeding time. he festival brings enjoyment and fun to the society and is celebrated in every corner of the state with great passion.

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Rongali Bihu Festival: Celebrating New Year and a Successful Harvest


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