Tips to Spend Quality Time with Kids That Does Not Involve Money

Today, in most families, both the parents are working and they find little time to spend with their kids. To overcome this feeling of guilt, moms and dads usually bring costly toys for their kids or take them to a mall for a movie or dinner, ending up in spending huge amounts of money on them. But is it everything that your kids want? Can you remember what you loved as a kid? Maybe, you remember having a great time with your parents cooking the dinner together or reading stories at bedtime or having fun with some activities. As a parent, are you putting your best efforts to make your kids really happy? Very often, it is the small things in life that counts.

spend quality time with kids

If you want your kids to be truly happy then spend twice as much time with them and half as much money. There is no other substitute for showing your loving care and attention regularly to your children and this is what they actually need. So in this article let us discuss how you can spend quality time with your kids without spending money.

Brainstorm activities that you both enjoy: Kids love to participate in various activities that are interesting and needs thinking. Games like chess, word games or puzzles are great activities that are not dependent on spending money. Involvement and quite time is important and there are many things that you can do together to enjoy each other’s company.

Read to your kids:  Reading is a great habit and it is the best thing to do together. Children live to hear stories, especially when they are in bed. Start with a small story book and read a single chapter a day. Help them to understand new words and sentences. This will not only develop their language, but will also develop a reading habit which is missing in most kids today.

Play in the garden: A beautiful garden is pure, joyous, abundance. Take your kids out in the garden and let them run freely and be together with nature. Tell them about different plants, flowers and fruits. Ask them to pick up 10 different types of leaves and stick them in a scrap book. These are little activities that kids will enjoy together with you.

Cook for them and involve them too:  Kids love to help in the kitchen and prepare something that they love. Buy them their own cookbook and aprons. Let them pick their favorite recipe and help them make it. This will help them to learn more about food while spending quality time together with parents.

Play simply games: What about hide and seek in the house? Kids don’t need anything extravagant, but what is important to them is their parent’s attention, care and some quality time. Leave all your pending household work for some time and run around with them, jump and indulge in something that is a little wild. See how happy your kids are with you.


Child care is very important and parents play a major role in it. Spending quality time with your kids will help them to be happy, which is important for physical as well as mental development.