Tips to Teach Gentleness to Your Kids

In today’s fast paced environment, violence has become a prime means to resolve conflicts. Every time we open the newspaper or watch the television, we find violence, harsh words in various incidents and we even flock the theaters to see violent heroes. Due to this, many children are growing up and learning to be more aggressive rather than being gentle. Gentleness may seem to be meek, but it is actually very powerful. It is one of the biggest traits in our good character. Here are a few tips to teach gentleness to your kids:

spirit of gentleness

Be gentle to teach gentleness: Some parents are very gentle to people outside their family, but when it is all about their children or partner they are just the opposite. So the next time resolve conflicts in the family using words and not by using force or any physical contact. If your kids find you physically fighting, then they too would respond in the same manner. Even if your child upsets you making you angry, act firmly but with gentleness. Instead of yelling and rushing, do it in a gentle manner.

Use gentle touch: If you have to discipline your child, then don’t use harsh words or punish them, instead use a gentle touch. Kids usually respond better to positive reprimands than anything negative. So use a gentle touch next time and see the difference it makes. Spanking your kids is very easy and this shows your own lack of self control. This in fact affects the behavior of your kids and they learn from what you do.

Speak softly: Another way to teach your kids to be gentle is to use gentle words like “thank you”, “please” and etc. Encourage your kids to listen to others and to respect any differences and not to criticize any words or actions. Help them to get involved in little acts of kindness like sharing their favorite items with their brothers or sisters or buying a little gift for their friends.

Teach gentleness through storybooks: Make a habit of reading good books to your children, especially those that have caring characters or the ones that are kind and loving. Choose specific books where the main character solves any problems without aggressive actions or any violence. Encourage them to take care of their pets or plants in the garden and ask them to treat their siblings with love.

So, from next time instead of looking for various ways to punish your child when he or she upsets you, try to find ways to encourage good behavior. Instead of scolding them and punishing them, become a role model of gentleness and see how it works.