Baby (3-12 months)

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Raising A Baby

From the very moment we see the smiles of our little ones, we fall in love with them – love that is unconditional and which makes us do all things possible to keep our children happy, all their lives.

So, when it comes to raising a baby, there are a few things that you can keep in mind and help them be happy now and in the future as well!

baby crying

Baby Crying

Baby Crying

As an infant, your baby may cry a lot. So, instead of panicking, its time you be rational and understand the reasons behind your baby’s cries. If there is something that your baby is trying to tell you, figure it out and let your child be as happy as you want them to be. Find information on why babies cry and what can you do to stop them from crying.

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Speaking, Seeing, Hearing a Baby

Speaking, Seeing, Hearing

No two children are same. One may speak quite early and the other may not. Understand the very basics of speaking, seeing and hearing in babies by exploring this section of Mother’s Zone.


Baby Teething

Baby Teething

One of the things that give nightmares to many parents their entire life is their baby’s teething phase. It goes without saying that no parent can see their child in pain, and teething brings a lot many troubles along with pain. Find information on what to do to help your child go through this difficult phase in an easy manner.

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Baby Vaccinations

Baby Vaccinations

Your child’s paediatrician may ask you to get the needed vaccines done for the healthy growth and development of your child, and to keep various illnesses like measles, typhoid, rubella and hepatitis at bay. Find out more on baby vaccinations and their importance as well as schedule.

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Baby’s Sleeping Pattern

Your Baby’s Sleeping Pattern

An infant sleeps a lot, and this is something that is beyond your control. So, stop being too concerned about your little one sleeping and find the information you need on the sleeping habits of babies and their sleeping routines.