Mother’s Day Special

Mother’s Day: Time To Show Our Gratitude for Being a Constant Guiding Force

Remember the delicious food that your mother cooked(Maa Ke haath ka Khana) to brighten up your mood? Her comforting advice, the pain she took when you were sick, all the sacrifices that she made to make your life better; these are innumerable incidents that reflect her importance in your life. Your mother is the most valuable and influential person, and she deserves that special attention from her family, friends and loved ones.

Mother's day special

People in different countries celebrate this day on different dates and days based on their calendar and country norms. The second Sunday of May is dedicated as Mother’s day in India and it is celebrated to show our gratitude to all mothers and honor them for the hardships they bear to raise a child. Though the celebration was first started by the Greek and Romans, and later on in the UK, today it has become highly popular and the celebration of Mother’s day in India is also slowly catching up.

Here at Mothers Zone, we have attempted to dedicate this day to her and have brought with us a mother’s day special page where you can have a glimpse of numerous mother’s day poems, special quotes and many more.

Mother’s Day 2016 will be celebrated on 8th May to show our appreciation towards mother figures worldwide. So let’s salute the motherhood and symbolize their true love.

1. Mother’s day Hindi poems:  Hindi poems on mothers are great means to reflect the perfect feeling of tenderness, warmth and care that mothers represent. They help to respect the maternal bonding with her, without whom there is no existence of us on this earth. We at Mothers’ Zone have brought before you an exclusive collection of Mother’s Day poems in Hindi that will make you feel truly delighted as you go through them.
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2.Mother’s Day Special Quotes & Messages: Don’t miss out the grand opportunity to show your love and affection for your wonderful mother on this very auspicious day. For this, we have collected some of the special Mother’s day quotes in Hindi and mother’s day messages that are written in full praise of her. So go through our compilation and express yourself in the best possible way.
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3.Mother’s Day Special Bollywood Songs: We all agree that mothers are the most precious gift in our life and to make your mother feel special, we have collected some beautifully composed  Mother’s day special Hindi songs that are great resources to honor them and experience maternal bonds. So this special day, dedicate a mother’s day song to celebrate the most special lady in your life.
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4. Creative Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day: Mother’s day is just a few days away and you may have already planned to call her or spend some time with the person who fed, taught, cared  and loved you the most. But this time, unwrap our creative ideas and create the most special Mother’s Day memories.
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5.Handmade Gifts For Mothers day : Mother’s Day celebration is a cheerful event when the special woman in your life is pampered and showered with gifts and lots of love just to show that you are thankful and you care. From baking personalized cakes or cookies to creating special handmade gifts and cards, we all have something in our list. Here are some more interesting handmade gift ideas that will make the occasion even more touching and emotional.
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