Toddlers and sleep

Looking at your child falling asleep is certainly a feeling that is so blissful. Isn’t it?

At Mother’s Zone, it is our serious endeavor to help you with all the possible advice and suggestions that act as nothing less than a magic wand… making it easier for you to raise your little one in the best manner possible.

To help you with your queries related to toddlers and sleep, such as how to get a toddler to sleep, our experts bring to you some words of wisdom.

Bedtime fears

One of the most common sleep problems that you might have to face putting your toddler to sleep is to help them get rid of their bedtime fears. From the feeling of being all alone at night in the room, to the fear of being surrounded with monsters, your child has to face many worries. Comfort them by stating that you are just a call away and help them get rid of any and every apprehension they might have while sleeping.

Daylight savings and your kid’s sleep routine

To change your little one’s sleep routine to daylight saving time, try to get them into bed a little earlier. This will help your kid’s body clock to adjust accordingly.

Going to bed problems

Putting your kid to bed is nothing less than fighting a battle! You have to convince them, plead for sleep, and may even have to give up in case they are as obstinate as one can ever be! If your child cries and does not sleep, never resort to scolding or hitting him or her as this will lead to even more stubbornness.

Speak calmly and reassure your little one that it is necessary to sleep in order to be all set for fun and play the next day. Read stories to them or go for a night walk prior to bedtime, this will help you a great deal when it comes to reducing the sleep resistance in your child and will assist you in solving one of your toddler sleep problems easily.

Goodbye cot, hello big bed!

You should never delay introducing the big bed to your child when the need arises. Tell the benefits of the big bed to your kid and let them fall in love with sleeping alone on a bed – in an absolutely royal manner!

Make your kid stay in bed!


These might seem to be a bit unethical to some of you, but they actually work! They do not necessarily have to be something in terms of money. They could be some little things that do not cost much or which are even free!

From your kid’s favourite cartoon characters’ stickers, to extended play time, you can lure your kid to bed and make them stay there without much difficulty. Also make sure that your child stays active all day long, this will not make them lazy and they will feel the need to have sleep by night on their own. After all, your little one will need some sleep to be all charged again – for a playful tomorrow!

How much sleep does your toddler need?

Even though the amount of sleep a child needs is different to others, generally toddlers require proper rest and sleep for somewhere around 12 to 14 hours.

Keeping your toddler safe in bed

One of the sure shot ways to keep your toddler safe in bed is to put the bed in a corner so that there is just one open side of the bed. You can place some pillows on the open side to ensure more safety of your little one or can even opt for guard rails along the sides of the bed.