A Beginners Guide to Baby Massage

A Beginners Guide to Baby Massage

pretty mother doing gymnastics her baby infantInfant massage is not only a great means to promote better sleep, enhance the infant’s immune system and relieve colic, but it is also a great way to bond with your baby. In today’s fast paced lifestyle, take out a little moment from your day to connect and relax with the baby through a daily massage schedule. Baby massage has countless positive health benefits for both of you. According to the Touch Research Center at the University of Miami, infant massage can contribute to the development of self confidence and security and they tend to be more active, efficient and even gain weight faster.

To ensure that your little one enjoys the massage session, follow the tips shared in this article:

baby_massageGet started: To start with the massage session, you will need baby oil, a soft mat or blanket and towels. A good time to start the massage is either before the bath or bedtime. It is important to note that the baby is calm and has at least an hour after eating. Check the room temperature so that the baby does not feel cold when undressed. Lay a towel over the blanket or mat and place the cream or oil within easy reach. Take a little oil in your hands and rub them together and warm it.

Arms and shoulders: Make smooth strokes starting from the shoulder to the hands, allowing your baby to grasp your fingers while sliding off. Hold the arm between the index finger and the thumb and gently glide down taking care of the elbow and armpit as they are sensitive.

Head and face: Using your fingers, begin light strokes on the forehead starting from the brow line and going to the top of the head. Continue strokes from the bridge of the nose towards the ears and then around the mouth. You can then start from the chin to the head and neck and then down to the shoulders.

stomach massageChest and stomach: Take a little oil and start from the center of the baby’s chest and make movements out to the shoulders. Next, start just below the collar bones and move down to reach the stomach. This will help to promote good digesting, relieve colic and move gases. Nest start with the ribs with strokes forming the “L”. Repeat this several times, always moving in a clockwise direction.

Back: Now carefully roll your baby on his or her stomach and start massaging from the head with gentle long strokes down the neck, shoulders, back, over the legs and the feet. Continue to make circular movements over the back. Repeat this many times.

Massage of footsLegs and feet: Turn your baby on the back and make gentle strokes from the thigh to the ankle. Repeat this for each leg and take both legs and gently press them against the belly. Stretch the legs and repeat. Also massage the soles of the foot and the toes.

Once you have finished, you can either give a nice baby bath or put your baby on her nappy and cuddle for a short sleep.